Don’t Say Please, Just Take The Keys – A Text-Book-Perfect Example

We have orchestrated an educational program and campaign called ‘Don’t Say Please, Just Take the Keys’. We are part of a non-profit organization called ‘The Santa Clarita Zero DUI Alliance’. This group comprises the SCV taxi companies, the Newhall Signal newspaper, Santa Clarita Magazine, the local radio station KHTS, The SCV Chamber of Commerce, The SCV office of the LA County Sheriff Deptartment, The local ER staff, and the local CHP office.

This is a true story that happened in January, 2013.

We had just left an SCV Chamber of Commerce social gathering when we got a phone call. Someone named Darren saw the magnetic sign on our car as we passed and called us. He told us of a girl he had just met at Hot Wings Cafe who needed our services badly.¬† We were minutes away and returned quickly. We met Darren and his new friend outside. He explained she wanted to drive but was in no condition to do so. He handed me her keys and $20.00. He did not know where she lived, but her friend did. A pretty lady named Domarina joined us outside and gave me another $10.00. I asked her where her friend lived, but she didn’t know either. Domarina helped find her friend’s car in the parking lot. When we got to the car, the inebriated girl demanded her car keys and told me to leave. This kind of scenario is tricky. She does not know me and I would be overstepping my social bounds to deny her wishes. But, Domarina came to the rescue. She took her friend’s keys and told her she could sit in the parking garage all night, but that she was not going to be allowed to drive drunk. The inebriated friend got louder and more demanding. I whispered to Domarina, “Will she let you drive her car home?” Domarina asked her friend the same question. At first she refused that offer too. I told Domarina that if she succeeded in getting her friend to let her drive the car, we would follow them and bring her back to this location. After¬† more arguing, Domarina convinced her friend to let her drive her home. Samantha and I followed them to the San Fernando Valley. The friend settled down on the trip and thanked us for our service when we got there. We retrieved Domarina and took her back to where we met her. We also gave her the $10.00 back since she did the driving and saved her friend from an unknown fate.

Domarina is a hero. She put her foot down and would not let her friend drive drunk, no matter how mad her friend was at first. Darren is a hero too. He paid for a stranger to get home safely.

Be a hero! Don’t Say Please – Just Take the Keys!

Yellow Cab Mark to the Rescue