Another – ‘Don’t Say Please, Just Take The Keys’ True Story

Crystal, an occasional customer of ours,  and her manager from work went out to dinner here in the SCV. The two ladies drove separate cars. The manager had a few drinks and Crystal thought it better that the lady not drive herself home. Crystal took the keys away from her inebriated friend and called us to come and get her boss safely home. Upon our arrival, Samantha and I introduced ourselves to the manager.

I (Mark) normally drive the customers home in their own cars. Samantha typically goes on ahead to the destination and waits for me.  As Crystal, her manager and I walked up the stairs of the parking structure, the two ladies whispered between themselves. I could feel an uneasy vibe developing. When we arrived at the manager’s car, Crystal informed me that the lady was not comfortable having me drive her home. I immediately called Samantha and had her return to the scene.

By the time Samantha arrived, Crystal’s manager friend had become quite indignant that Crystal had taken her keys and called these ‘strangers’. Now she did not even want Samantha to drive her car. She demanded her keys back, but Crystal refused. The inebriated lady walked away and hid behind a brick wall. Samantha asked Crystal if her manage would let Crystal drive her home. Crystal went behind the wall and asked the now hostile lady if that would be OK. Her manager agreed to this arrangement. We quickly shuffled the lady into her car before any more protests. We followed as Crystal drove her manager and her car home. By the time we all arrived at the manager’s house, the tension had subsided and everyone was all smiles and hugs. I told the lady that Crystal had shown character traits of a true friend, and the lady agreed. With the mission accomplished, we shuttled Crystal, the hero, back to her own car.

Crystal showed that her friend’s well being was more important to her than the relationship they have at work. She did not know whether her manager would heap some reprisal on her at work, be grateful, be angry, or even remember the events of this night. She did not care about any other consequences except those involving her boss trying to drive home when she should not. This is what is needed when and inebriated person starts making poor decisions.

It is ‘Cool to Care!” Don’t say Please, just take the keys!!!


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