Another Wise Decision Story

Joel, a long time customer and promoter of our DD service, called us Sunday night to come take three girls and their car home from a local watering hole – Schooners. We showed up to meet Rashelle, Brandy and Ashley who were glad Joel told them about our service. We also met an intoxicated macho-cheese brain who was belittling the girls for NOT accepting his drunken offer to take them home. He was insulting to them – and to me – for their wise choice to stay out of the car of an inebriated driver – not to mention his pig-like approach to ‘impressing’ pretty ladies. The girls and management asked him to leave and offered to call him a taxi. He refused.

As we left the building, he followed us out to the parking lot, still insulting us. Then he informed the girls he was “man enough” to drive himself home. The girls finally unleashed their frustrations at this numbskull. Brandy said, “If you want to kill yourself, that’s one thing, but you are likely to take an innocent person with you!” The other two girls made similar pointed, stinging criticisms, while still encouraging him to call a taxi. He was stunned and quiet for a few minutes as he listened to the results of the ‘impression’ he had made on them – obviously not exactly the one he thought his meager social skills were making. He finally wandered off, resuming his lame insults as he slithered into an alley. We respectfully drove the ladies safely home.

Rashelle, Brandy, and Ashley are our newest heroes! Joel is also a hero who encourages (and often pays for) many of his friends and acquaintances to use our service. The management and wonder-staff at Schooners are also very diligent in calling us for their customers.

Be a Hero! Don’t say please. Just take the keys!

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